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PostSubject: ownage   Thu 12 Jul 2007, 20:12

lol i was playing oldschool (i just left) and i just finished eating b4 i played so it was like my first game this evening stil needed warm-up so i joined oldschool.
i was like owning the place and this guy prye thinks i cheat.Suspect Rolling Eyes
so he tried multiple times to votekick me but it didnt work so i asked shouldnt i get a test first he simply said no i took a screen incase i got kicked so i could go to oldschool forum and post so he gets a temporary ban Twisted Evil but i didnt got kicked i kept owning he kept saying i cheated then pinoob in irc said why u say evrybody that kills u cheats? u just get killed saying that so stop saying it and play. lol Very Happy i still owned the place took the end screen prye was a noob and it was my warm-up king king king king king

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PostSubject: Re: ownage   Thu 12 Jul 2007, 21:22

ok... little to much information:P i didn't want to hear your
lifestory:P don't they say : a picture says more than thousand words?
you should follow that saying:P

though it's a nice score Very Happy
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