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PostSubject: TLW R.I.P   TLW R.I.P Icon_minitimeSat 22 Mar 2008, 03:41

TLWsniphd wrote:
Maybe some of you heard it already.
Many clan members dont play anymore or they are never online.
Only a few members are active.
So i dont realy like it anymore.
I decided to stop with this clan in a while.
TLW will die slowly.
We had a good time together in the clan. I will never forget it.
I realy enjoyed to be your leader.
Respect for the all the people who did something for the clan. cheers
I will report it when the clan exactly died.

I should report it when the clan exactly died.

So... TLW = Dead CYA

Catch me ingame under the nick : ReLoaDeD
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